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Where can I find my membership number?

You can find your membership number on the members’ website provided you have registered to use it already. Active members can also find their membership number on their benefit statements. Any members who have left the Company and ceased to be an active member of the Fund will be able to find their membership number on any correspondence they had with the Fund’s Administrator, Capita.

Make an Enquiry

If you wish to enquire about your benefits in RPF, including requesting a retirement quotation, or you wish to notify changes in personal details such as a change of address, marital status, etc, you should click the first radio button in the 'Type of Enquiry' section of this form.  Your enquiry will be forwarded to the Scheme Administrators.


You should use the second radio button below to bring a matter to the attention of the Trustees of RPF. Your enquiry will be sent to the Secretary to the Trustees.