Back to news 29 September 2014

Trustees nomination pack

You should have received a communication regarding the process to fill a vacancy on the Managing Committee and the Trustee Board of RPF for a Member Nominated Trustee ("MNT"). The following documents should have been in the envelope that you received:

  • Cover letter explaining the nomination process;
  • Trustee role description;
  • Nomination form; and
  • Biography form.

If you live in the UK and have not received the above communication by 30 September 2014 you should contact Claudia Bunney, RPF Scheme Secretary, as soon as possible. If you live overseas, we ask that you allow until 3 October 2014 to receive the communication before contacting Claudia.

Please Note: We have been made aware that some of you may have received an empty and/or unsealed envelope. This was caused by an issue in the production line at the mailing house. The incidence of this error is rare and we understand that this should not have affected many of you. If you did receive an empty envelope please contact Claudia as soon as possible and a replacement pack will be sent to you. We would like to reassure you that the mailing does not contain any personal or confidential data.