2 Nov 2015

Pension freedom - how RPF is affected

The UK Government introduced legislation effective from April 2015 to give individuals greater flexibility as to how they can use certain pension savings when they retire.

20 Oct 2015

Reuters Pension Fund's oldest member pensioner turns 100

Samuel Burgess, the oldest member pensioner of Reuters Pension Fund, turns 100 tomorrow.

26 Mar 2015

Pensions liberation - April 2015 and the new Code of Practice

Sweeping changes are being made to the pensions industry from April 2015.

6 Feb 2015

2014 Budget update - guidance guarantee

As part of pensions reforms announced in the 2014 Budget, the UK government committed to providing free impartial guidance on the options and impacts.

20 Jan 2015

Members website - change of address

The online address for the RPF members website run by the Scheme Administrator, Capita, has changed.