20 Dec 2013

Member Nominated Trustees (MNT) election results

Information on the results of the recent MNT election

25 Nov 2013

Company contributions to Thomson Reuters pension schemes

An update following the Company's third-quarter earnings announcement on 29 October 2013

2 Nov 2013

Member Nominated Trustees election

Please remember to vote in the on-going Member Nominated Trustees election.

29 Oct 2013

Member Nominated Trustees nomination process

Information on the on-going nomination process for the vacant Member Nominated Trustee position.

8 Oct 2013

Pension liberation - can you afford to lose your pension?

An article on the dangers of pension liberation.

28 Sep 2013

September 2013 Update newsletter - ERRATUM

An error in the most recent Update newsletter has been brought to our attention

7 Feb 2013

State Pension: the only constant is change

Details on the ever changing State Pension

4 Feb 2013

Gender pricing for annuity contracts - how it affects pensions

Following a recent judgment by the European Court of Justice, insurers will no longer be able to set premiums using actuarial factors based on a person's sex.

1 Feb 2013

Default retirement age

The effect of the removal of the Government's default retirement age and its impact on pensions.

1 Jan 2013

Update following the Actuarial Valuation

We have completed our December 2010 actuarial valuation negotiations with the Company.