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Update on the RPF Trustee Board

There have been some changes to the Trustee Board. 

Barry May's term of office as a Member Nominated Trustee ('MNT') expired at the end of November 2019 and he decided not to put himself forward again for re-election. Barry served as an MNT for over 10 years.  He chaired the Fund's Communications sub-committee and was also a member of the Finance and Administration sub-committee. An election is currently being held to fill the vacancy left by Barry on the Trustee Board. 

James Hardman, Company Nominated Trustee, also retired from his role after 12 years on the Trustee Board. James was a member of the Fund's Investment sub-committee.

We would like to thank Barry and James for their contribution to the running of RPF over the years.

The Company decided to appoint an independent trustee to replace James on the Trustee Board and Independent Trustee Services Ltd (ITS) was appointed with effect from 26 November 2019. Rachel Croft will represent ITS on the RPF Trustee Board. Rachel is a Director of ITS, a qualified solicitor and a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute. She has almost 20 years experience in pensions and acts as an independent trustee to a number of other pension schemes.

We are pleased to welcome Rachel to the RPF Trustee Board and look forward to working with her.