Back to news 2 December 2020

Extension of the Term of Office of a Member Nominated Trustee

The Term of Office of Geoffrey Sanderson, a Member-Nominated Trustee (MNT) of the Fund, will come to an end at the beginning of January 2021. The Trustee Board discussed the requirement to hold elections to fill the position and agreed that this would not be a good time to lose Geoffrey’s expertise, given the current COVID-19 situation as well as the on-going negotiations in respect of the announced acquisition of Refinitiv by London Stock Exchange Group.


The Trustee Board has the power to extend the Terms of Office of MNTs and has therefore decided to use this power to extend Geoffrey’s term by 6 months. Geoffrey has kindly agreed to continue in his role.


The selection process for a new MNT is therefore expected to take place in Q2 2021.